Laura Mahoney

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Pre/Postnatal Fitness, Nutrition
Virtual Support
Laura M
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Laura Mahoney Fitness
About me
As the founder of Laura Mahoney Fitness, I am dedicated to the health and wellness of each and every person I work with.

I transformed my own body since the beginning of my fitness journey. I grew up overweight and unhealthy, and slowly learned the ins and outs of what it takes to be successful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a bunch of ups and downs along the way.

I train others with a strength based emphasis because I truly believe it transforms your body and mind.  I competed in two powerlifting competitions (and won both!), and became stronger than I ever thought I would, transformed my body and physique beyond what I could have imagined, and truly became a more confident person.  I want others to believe in themselves the way strength training taught me to believe in myself. 

Over the course of own my pregnancy, I learned how to be more empowered than ever before and made it my mission to help others to feel the same. I believe that every pregnant and post partum woman should feel confident in their own skin, feel STRONG, and feel empowered. 

B.S. Kinesiology, concentrating in Strength and Conditioning
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Pre&Post Natal Certified
Precision Nutrition Level 1 
TRX Certified

Free 1-hour virtual/phone consultations available upon request.

Cancellation Policy: A 30-day cancellation notice to discontinue training all together. A 24 hour cancellation policy to cancel a single session (though emergencies are understood!)
Online Training1:1 monthly programming to be done on the individual's own, and we meet for 30 minutes weekly to check in. $600 per month.
Per Package
Baby Bump Fitness6 week prenatal workout program that can be purchased and used immediately. The workouts are strength based and cover all areas of the body, and adapts over the 6 weeks to your changing body. Full follow along videos or written instructions with video demos.
Per Package
Back to Fit8 week post partum workout program that combines strength training, yoga, guided meditations, and easy recipes to get your body feeling strong and healthy after delivery. There is a strong emphasis on posture and core, but will slowly build up to utilizing all muscles in the body. Full follow along videos or written instructions with video demos.
Per Package
Hybrid Strength TeamThe one stop shop for all of your health needs. This is for the busy, go-getter who wants to improve their health as efficiently as possible. All delivered through the Laura Mahoney Fintess app, there are online workouts with video demos and descriptions, weekly core classes, weekly guided meditations, and monthly workshops hosted by the coaches (who all have their own unique specialties). It combines the knowledge and education of 15 years and 5 coaches into one place so you can build strength in all areas of life. $50/month and no commitment.
Per Series