Ellie Lindenmayer

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Sleep Consultant, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor
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Ellie L
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several hours
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Joyful Birthing & Beyond, LLC
About me
I am passionate about all things birth and baby but especially empowering birthing people and their partners to make informed decisions, to approach birth with a sense of trust (instead of fear), and to ultimately have a safe, joyful birthing experience and a successful transition into the new demands of parenthood. Prior to founding Joyful Birthing in 2014, I taught high-school English for ten years. My own birthing experiences sparked my passion for safer, more empowered birthing and prompted me to leave my career as an educator to pursue birth work. Since 2014, I have supported hundreds of couples during pregnancy, birth, and early parenting.

Cancellation Policy: Services can be cancelled for a credit for any Joyful Birthing & Beyond service if cancellation is received with at least a 24-hour notice. Services canceled with less than 24-hour notice will not be credited or refunded.
HypnoBirthing® Childbirth EducationThis 12-hour series focuses on harnessing the mind-body connection to facilitate easy, gentle birthing. The premise of HypnoBirthing® is that women’s bodies are perfectly designed to give birth and that fear and tension (not nature’s design) cause pain in childbirth and often unnecessary intervention and complication. The series is for you and partner and can be taken at any point during your pregnancy.
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Birthing BasicsWant to feel empowered and prepared for childbirth but don’t have the time to attend an in-person class or series? Then this private, 120 minute one-on-one offering is for you! Classes are taught by Ellie, who will prepare you and your partner for birth with honesty, humor, and a wealth of experience in the birthing world. You will leave this class with a renewed sense of calm, confidence, and excitement as you anticipate the birth of your baby.
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Newborn CareThis private, one-on-one 60 minute virtual class is the perfect preparation for first-time parents on all things baby! Get tips from Ellie on bathing, diapering, babywearing, must-have baby gear, newborn sleep, a typical 24-hour schedule, and tried-and-true infant soothing techniques!
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Breastfeeding PreparationThis private, 90 minute one-on-one virtual class will prepare you for a successful breastfeeding relationship, starting from day 1. Learn what to expect in the first few days and weeks, how to optimize your milk supply, how to read your baby’s hunger cues, proper positioning and latching techniques, common myths about breastfeeding, and how to avoid common problems, such as sore nipples and engorgement.
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All About SleepThis private, one-on-one class will set you up for a healthy foundation for all things sleep-related. Did you know that an infant should not be awake longer than 45 minutes at a time? Did you know that your baby’s circadian rhythm develops at 3 months, so this is the optimal time to get baby on a predictable sleep schedule? You will learn about topics like these and so much more!
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2- Week Unlimited Sleep Support & Individualized Sleep PlanSleep is essential to good health and well being but not always easy to come by during the early years with little ones. This package includes (1) a customized sleep plan catered to address your child’s current sleep struggles & put you on the track to maximizing long-term sleep, (2) Two, 30-minute phone calls to be used any time during 2 week period and (3) unlimited text and email support between 9 AM-9 PM during 2 week period.
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