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It's Your Body, It's Your Life
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Through my approachable training, I empower people to honor what their body needs. Heath and wellness is not a one-size fits all experience. You have one body, and I will give you my full care and attention as I help you train it. How you feed your body is of equal importance. But first, and foremost, your mindset is everything. I will help work with you to become more fit and healthy while being kind to yourself rather than hurting yourself in the process. I have been coaching clients for over 13 years. Before I had my daughter Sky I have been passionate about making sure clients take care of their bodies and mindset throughout their pre/post post postpartum experience.

Get out of your head and into your body. 

What her clients say:

"Tessa is a one-of-a-kind personal trainer and health coach. Not one to shy away from being the most up-to-date, knowledgeable and creative, a session with her reveals her immense preparation and skill and complete understanding of what it’s like to be in “this” body." -Diana Cullum-Dugan Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Therapist, Yoga Therapist

"I can tell you that if any coach has what it takes to motivate you to really achieve a healthier life inside and out, you've found her. Tessa Hollyn Taub possesses a strong coaching intuition and an innate ability to bring out the very best in her clients." - Pamela  Rief, MS, Biomechanics Specialist
Personal TrainingPersonal Training (both in person and online)
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Group TrainingGroup Training both in person and online - 2-5 people (group sizes can vary) $20-$40 per session (depending on group size)
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Health CoachingHealth Coaching (can be combined with private or group training) Available for in person and online
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Online MembershipOnline Membership - Included in private sessions. Pricing packages vary. Please contact Tessa for pricing.
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On Sun, May 9 2021
9:00 AM
Join Tessa of It's Your Body, It's Your Life as she guides you on a special Mother's Day Prenatal and Postnatal Movement Class! Class will take place virtually on Sunday May 9th at ... more9 AM ET. Tessa’s Fusion classes are developed from her 14 years of experience as a fitness & health coach. She fuses yoga, barre, pilates, corrective exercise and functional training into one energizing hour. Every class has a HUGE emphasis on breathing, functional movement and alignment + badass playlists.

She always recommends modifications, as you should never feel in pain when you are working out and moving your body. Her classes reflect her dedication to quality vs. quantity for long term results. 

Tessa is currently in her third Trimester expecting her second baby- Congratulations Tessa!

A link will be sent to you before class, see you there!