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Chelsea R
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Mamas Modern Village provides motherhood therapy + matrescence coaching for women anywhere along their journey of becoming Mama. With a unique focus on the woman's identity as she transitions from woman to mother, Mamas Modern Village is determined to be a part of the modern motherhood revolution in which we stop pathologizing motherhood + instead put "mama" back into it.

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24 hour cancellation policy or full fee will be charged

Free 15 minute discovery calls available to determine how MMV might support you on your journey of becoming Mama. Message us to arrange!
Virtual Matrescence CoachingIt's a dedicated 90 minutes just for you to talk all things---identity, roles, expectations- related to your transition into motherhood. We'll talk books, podcasts, postpartum support. Chat ab village building, what to cook, how to ask for help. We'll dive into the "should's", hopes, fears around your motherhood journey. You'll leave with tangible action steps that can help you feel more supported, encouraged and confident as you continue in "becoming Mama". Think postpartum planning on over-drive meets a less-process-y therapy session.
Per Session
Virtual Matrescence Coaching PackageIncludes four sessions of our Virtual Matrescence Coaching sessions.
Per Package
Virtual Motherhood TherapyOffered in UT, MA and WI. A deeper dive into all the things that make you, you, on your motherhood journey. A space to process your past, while being mindful in the present and planning for your future.
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