Mama & Baby: Mingling + Movement (VIRTUAL)

Weekly on Tuesday
11:00 AM
Alison C
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1 hour
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Fitness / Yoga Class, Support Group
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Calling all Mama's and Babies!

--Live virtual class via Zoom
--Intended for postpartum Mama’s with babies 12 months or younger (pre-walking stage)
--Postpartum Mama’s must be cleared for working out by Doctor (typically at least 6 weeks PP)
--We kick things off mingling and chit chatting for about 30 minutes followed up with 30 minutes of movement
--Equipment needed: just a yoga mat and light weights (optional)
$10 via cash or Venmo

***What can I expect during the movement portion?
Full body focus: arms, back, legs, glutes and a little bit of core. Core work will be safe for all stages of postpartum
***Speed of class: Nothing too crazy, I promise! While we will be pumping some good jams, it’s important for us to be able to intentionally connect to the movements and what parts of the body we’re working.
***What if my baby is fussy or needs to be fed?
Then take care of baby! We’ll all be in the same boat (including myself…Mr. Jude will be joining us virtually, too!). Do what you can for movement because anything is better than nothing. And it’ll just feel good to be connecting with other Mama’s, so if you need to stop and tend to baby, then do just that!
THURSDAY'S, 11am (in person at our studio) - a note from Alison - My husband and I welcomed baby Jude into our world this past June (2021) and it feels like it has been both a lifetime ... moreand a blink of the eye. This new Mama chapter has been a wild ride...trying to navigate all things baby, body, relationships, work, etc. While it certainly "takes a village," it is often very isolating.

As I've tried to navigate my own journey back into movement, I’ve felt a natural urge to help other Mama's get their groove back. This is hard stuff and I'm right there with ya! Postpartum movement is a difficult road to travel. Often, new Mom's are left feeling uncomfortable, full of self-doubt and unsure of what is “safe” for their bodies. You're not alone and I'm here to help. Postpartum movement is SO important and can help foster better sleep habits, more energy throughout the day, clearer focus and less stress. Separate from movement, I also just love the connection we immediately have as fellow Mama’s…it’s an instant bond over something we have so very much in common.

A little bit about my fitness journey...I became a lover of barre-style fitness back in 2014 which led me to finding a new passion and new career. In four short years, I went from a Barre student to a Barre Instructor (while working full time in Corporate Marketing), ultimately, to leaving my stable career and opening up my dream studio, Haven Fitness, in 2018. I hold certifications for Group Fitness and Pre-Post Natal Fitness through ACE.

With years of fitness experience, as well as my own Mothering journey, I hope you can join us as we MINGLE and MOVE together.

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Haven Fitness
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Pre/Postnatal Fitness, Support Groups
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Weekly on Tuesday11:00 AM1 hour
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Just a yoga mat and light weights (optional)! To stream the class, you will need a laptop or tablet with wifi. 5 minutes before class, we will email you a link to the ZOOM virtual class.
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