Kim Chapman

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Sleep Consultant, Postpartum Doula
Virtual Support
Kimberly C
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Kim Chapman Consulting
About me
Hi, I'm Kim, A Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant a wife and mom of three. We live in Southern Maine on our family's farm.

When I became a mom in 2016, it was harder than I expected. My desire to help families get the rest and support they need comes from my experience with being sleep-deprived and suffering from postpartum anxiety. I help overwhelmed parents establish healthy sleep habits and routines for their children so that they can confidently improve sleep for their whole family. 

Free 15-Minute Consultations Available! Message me to arrange.

Refund Policy: No Refunds. Due to the time and effort that goes into the plans, no refunds are available. Ask Me Anything Calls may be canceled within 24 hours
Ask Me Anything - VirtualOne 45 Minute Phone or Video Call This is great for parents eager to troubleshoot routines, sleep regressions, early morning wakeups, nap transitions, and more. I will answer any questions you have about your child’s sleep, and l will provide you with strategies to improve sleep for your family.
Per Session
Newborn Sleep Shaping Package (0-12 weeks) - VirtualThis is the perfect gift for an expecting mom! Great for prenatal planning. This program is for parents with a baby under 12 weeks old. 45-minute phone or video consultation to answer questions about the guide -Establishing healthy sleep habits for you and your baby -Sleep Shaping Guide -Recognizing hungry and sleepy cues -Soothing Techniques -How to use Wake Windows -Age-appropriate routines & schedules -What to expect in the first 3 months
Per Package