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Kaeli S
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Open Circle
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Open Circle provides wholistic care to expecting, birthing and new families. We are committed to increasing access to education and respectful care, both in our direct work with families and through advocacy in our community. Open Circle Founder and Director Kaeli Sutton has worked with over 2700 families over the past 17 years and specializes in childbirth education; doula support; and pregnancy/post-birth yoga, fitness and massage therapy.
Birthing: Body, Breath, Heart & Mind Childbirth Education7-Class Series, Online, Live Class Join other couples and discover how the wisdom of our bodies, hearts, and minds can guide us to navigate the uncontrollable in birth, while remaining empowered in our choices. Mindfulness practices and experiential exercises as well as practical information help guide mother and birth support toward a deep trust of the woman’s ability to birth and the birth partner’s capacity to support. Series includes classes in: -Understanding Birth -Movement+ Partner Support for Labor -Pain Management and Coping Tools for Labor -Making Informed Choices + Advocating for our Family -Whole Family Post-Birth Preparation + Planning -Understanding the Newborn -Understanding Breastfeeding
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Childbirth Education Individual WorkshopsExpecting families can choose from individual workshops in our 7-week series. These include: -Understanding Birth -Movement+ Partner Support for Labor -Pain Management and Coping Tools for Labor -Making Informed Choices + Advocating for our Family -Whole Family Post-Birth Preparation + Planning -Understanding the Newborn -Understanding Breastfeeding
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Pregnancy, Birth or Newborn/Postpartum Doula Consultations$30/half-hour, $60/hour Expecting or new parents can speak or video-chat with an experienced doula, childbirth educator and lactation consultant to discuss questions they may have about pregnancy, birth or newborn care. Consultations can cover a wide variety of topics and provide a written summary and referrals when needed.
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Online Infant Massage Instruction5-week private series Individual Classes focus on massage for particular goals (digestive comfort, sleep support, etc.). During the 5-week series parents are taught a full massage sequence to support infant health and bonding. There are many benefits of infant massage for parents as well as the infants, including a lowering of stress hormones! Topics including the benefits of infant massage, learning your baby’s cues, and understanding behavioral states are explored, and special sequences and techniques to support babies with colic or digestive issues, or those with special needs or sensitivities.
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Private Online Prenatal or Postpartum Yoga InstructionPrivate Online Prenatal or Postpartum Yoga Instruction: $75/hour Be guided through a yoga practice of gentle strengthening exercises, stretching, breath and meditation. Receive support for specific aches you may be experiencing, or stress reduction or labor goals. Classes provide time to connect to your changing body and baby and prepare for the powerful experience of childbirth and mothering.
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Private Online Prenatal or Postpartum Fitness ConsultationPrivate Online Prenatal or Postpartum Fitness Consultation: $35/half hour, $50/hour Are you not sure how to safely modify your exercise routine for pregnancy? Wondering how to return to your exercise or sport after having given birth? Individualized consultations provide you an understanding of the structural and functional changes in the childbearing body and help you create a safe and effective exercise plan during and after pregnancy.
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Weekly on Sunday
4:00 PM
Open to both pregnant and postpartum parents (after 8 weeks). Dancing for Birth™ is movement made for mothers. Integrating styles of dance from around the world, this one-hour class ... moreis designed to build confidence, strength, and pelvic mobility and stability.

Participants learn techniques to facilitate a more comfortable pregnancy, prepare the body for labor, promote a positive birth experience, and heal and strengthen after birth. In addition to a fun and safe form of physical activity, Dancing for Birth™ provides an opportunity to share the journey of pregnancy with other parents.
Weekly on Sunday, Tuesday
9:30 AM, 5:45 PM
Being in community is vital to every human’s health, and only more so during the childbearing years and during times of great stress. The first half-hour of each class is a time to ... moresay hello, share questions and resources, and to laugh and cry at the glories and hardships in life. During this time, teachers will facilitate discussions on a variety of pregnancy, birth, and parenting topics. While we make it available to join classes after the first 30 min is over, we highly recommend you join us here, in community. Next, begin a yoga practice of gentle strengthening, stretching, breath exercises, and meditation for a time to connect to your changing body, and prepare for the powerful experience of childbirth and mothering. Special emphasis is placed on building pelvic floor and core strength to support the body, and on connecting deeply with baby.

Open to all levels; modifications for individual fitness level and trimester are provided and no experience is necessary. Taught by highly trained and experienced practitioners.