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Sunshine Service (Postpartum day time support)Bringing your baby home comes with joy and adjustments! I can assist with your baby’s needs, light home care, sibling support and care for you and/or your partner. Postpartum doula services can be arranged during the day time hours or be used in addition to overnight care services. Customize your postpartum plan with one day a week or all seven days, for shifts of 4-12 hours. $30-40 per hour depending on travel and multiples.
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Night Owl Service (Overnight Care)Nighttime can be the most challenging time for a postpartum family. Newborns wake up and want to eat every 2-3 hours! Parents are exhausted, mom is healing from the physically and mentally draining task of giving birth, all while trying to manage feedings, feelings and caring for your newborn around the clock. Now you can have an expert in all things postpartum by your side, to doula you through this beautiful and delicate time. Our Night Owl service includes 9-12 overnight hours. Hours are customized to your families wants and needs. Rates range from $30-$35/hour depending on travel and multiples.
Virtual Postpartum ConsultsI am also able to support virtually!
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Hatched ProgramHatched is a two hour one on one private class in the comfort of your own home or offered virtually due to COVID restrictions/ safety. Getting to know your baby’s cues and routine can sometimes take weeks to months to fully grasp their way of communication. Parents are heard and educated on their recent newborn observations and experiences. A newborn assessment is completed by observing how baby eats, moves, latches and sleeps to help educate parents on their baby’s needs vs. the baby that we all learn about from a newborn class/book. Every baby has their unique needs and preferences. Keeping parents informed of successful non-stress ways to get the job done without worry, hassle or confusion. Topics that are covered: Bath time- area setup, routine, safety, how-to and positioning. Swaddling- how to swaddle your baby and which swaddle works best with your newborns needs/comfort level. Feeding-a successful feeding is one of the best feelings as a new parent. Knowing your options, how to manage your choice of feeding, burping instruction, positions, and basic newborn safety tips are included. Equipment- The choices of the best baby swings, strollers, car seats can be overwhelming and comes with many questions. Let me teach you tips and tricks on how to use these correctly and safely. Routine- schedules, routine, time management are built on over time. With help and guidance these partner shared routines can be put into place early on and save some confusion.
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