Elizabeth R. O'Rourke

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Pre/Postnatal Fitness
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Elizabeth O
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several hours
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studio47 Pilates
About me
At studio47, our goal is to not only change your body, but to change the way you move through life – physically, and mentally. Founded in 2008, studio47 at Barrington Pilates began with a simple vision: to marry the challenge of Pilates with the power of community. Our members have a lot in common – sore buns being one of them – but they also have different bodies, backgrounds, ages and goals. We take those differences, and blend them into energizing, one-of-a-kind, Pilates-based workouts. Studio owners Elizabeth and Mora, craved a workout full of grace and control, but grounded in wellness and a healthy lifestyle. They came together to create a signature Pilates style in a studio that offers both breezy, chill vibes for Pilates equipment workouts, and a sleek studio space for group mat and standing Pilates classes. Walk in and enjoy our trendy boutique lounge that, as we like to say, “brings a little city to the suburbs.” On the go? Never miss a workout with our Virtual Studio. Just log in, and we’ll deliver the burn right to your computer or tablet screen. Ready to get started with studio47? Visit us at 91 Main Street, in Warren, RI, for your first class. We’re movers, we’re friends, we’re Pilates dorks, and we’re excited to meet you. Welcome!

Cancellation Policy: 24-hour cancellation policy
In-person Private Pilates sessions30-minutes
Per Session
In-person Private Pilates sessions45-minutes
Per Session
In-person Private Pilates sessions60-minutes
Per Session
Virtual Private Pilates Sessions30-minutes
Per Session
Virtual Private Pilates Sessions45-minutes
Per Session