Dr. MaryHelen Gustafson, PT, DPT

Provider Type
Pre/Postnatal Fitness, Childbirth Educator
Virtual Support
Maryhelen G
Company Name:
Nurturing Wellness Physical Therapy
About me
Nurturing Wellness Physical Therapy was created to provide highly skilled, holistic orthopedic and pelvic health perinatal care. Too often mothers are neglected once baby arrives, I am here to fill in that gap! Even as you wait for the 6 week check-in from the medical doctor I offer care via telehealth, in-home, or in my clinic. As a physical therapist in Rhode Island for 13+ years and after my own pregnancies and deliveries I realized the need for custom and passionate care for moms. I pursued my certification from the Institute for Birth Healing to become a certified Holistic Birth Healing Specialist. I am also a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. I love to provide birth preparation education to help you with labor and delivery positions and help you achieve your birth plan.

Free 15 min phone consult available.

Cancellation Policy: 24-hour cancellation notice required. Client charged 50% of service if canceled within 24-hours.
Initial physical therapy evaluation - In person90 minutes in person ( in-home or in-clinic) Thorough subjective intake to hear your story and medical history (I want to hear all that you want to share as it is important to your healing!) , comprehensive orthopedic/pelvic health examination (including internal assessment per your consent only and throughout the exam I will continuously ask for your consent and comfort), mobility and strength assessment, treatment plan we create together according to your goals, treatment on evaluation day as able, and home program. This visit can also include comprehensive Birth Preparation to discuss your personalized birth plan, biomechanics of birth to educate you on various labor positions and pushing education, as well as cesarean birth management and care plan immediately post birth. Communication with me between appointments through our portal, email or text.
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Follow Up - In Person60 minutes in person ( in-home or in-clinic) Continuation of our treatment plan from evaluation day includes manual treatment and therapeutic exercise, check-in with home program progress, and continued support between visits through our portal, email or text.
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Virtual Visit- Initial Evaluation or Follow-up60 minute virtual session Physical Therapy evaluation to hear your thorough history and current concerns, mobility and movement assessment, education on your condition and treatment plan and home program developed. Birth preparation education to prepare for labor and delivery for both cesarean and vaginal birth can also occur virtually. Follow-up visits help to ensure you are progressing appropriately, answer questions and advance your personal care plan. Continued support through our portal, email, or text between visits.
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