Denise Melvin

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Lactation Counselor, Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Services
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Denise M
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14 minutes
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My Happy Newborn
About me
I help new families avoid feeling overwhelmed and exhausted so they can find peace and joy as they transition into their new roles as parents.

Cancellation Policy: Services will be guaranteed by hours agreed upon. If there is a loss of pregnancy, a full refund will be issued if services have already been paid.
New Parent EducationI believe that realistic expectations are vital to help new parents navigate their needs and the needs of their newborn in the first few weeks. I teach you safe sleep guidelines, swaddling and soothing techniques, basics of breast or chest feeding, identifying your baby’s cues and help preparing for the emotional and physical changes in the postpartum period. 2 week support package includes 3-30 minute video calls and a detailed follow up email of our discussion, as well as access to me through email if you have additional questions.
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Extended New Parent Support Package4 weeks of virtual support which includes 5 - 30 minute video calls, detailed follow up emails and access to me by email. I help you create a day/night routine that promote good sleep, ways to bond as a couple while bonding with your baby, basic breastfeeding techniques and positions, pumping and storing breastmilk safely as well as bottle feeding support, how to properly bottle feed and help preparing for visits to the pediatrician. 4 week support package.
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Overnight CareAs a Certified Newborn Care Specialist, I support new families for the first 12-16 weeks. I help teach you day/night schedules that promote good sleep, help educate on basic breastfeeding techniques and positions, bring baby to mom to be breastfed and then I burp, change and get the baby back to sleep so mom is getting all the rest possible before the next feeding. If pumping, I clean, sterilize and prepare pump parts so they are ready for use and store breastmilk appropriately.
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Postpartum Day SupportIt’s nice to know that your needs for a shower, nap and a healthy meal are being met. I’m not just someone to come in and do laundry and light housekeeping, though I love doing that as well! I’m also a listening ear and can help with your physical and emotional recovery during your 4th trimester. I have great resources for finding the right places to get what you need as well. As a Certified Postpartum Doula, I’m trained to understand what new parents and babies need!
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Lactation CounselTypically a 2 hour, in-home assessment of latch and assisting the breast/chest feeding individual with ensuring that their breastfeeding journey is comfortable and pain free.
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