Barbie French, CD(DONA), E-RYT

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Pre/Postnatal Fitness, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula
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Barbie F
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Nature's Om Doula
About me
Whether it be my work for an international adoption agency in Boston, volunteering in both a pediatric unit and domestic violence shelter in Florida or caring for little ones as a nanny throughout my life, I have always enjoyed spending my time surrounded by children and families. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Child Psychology & Sociology and have been an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance for nearly 15 years. My husband and I have three beautiful sons who have helped to shape the past twenty one years of our lives and fill our hearts with love. As a DONA Certified Birth Doula, I feel it is an honor and a privilege to be invited to share in such a sacred milestone and gently hold the space for mothers and their partners before, during and shortly after childbirth ensuring the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible as they welcome a sweet new life into the world.
Birth DoulaWe will meet for two prenatal visits to allow you to share your preferences for this labor and postpartum period and discuss how I can be most helpful to you. I provide emotional support, physical comfort, positioning guidance, breathing suggestions, pain reducing ideas and unbiased information. I will help you and your partner (if applicable) understand what options are available to you, given the type of birth you’re anticipating. I will be reachable 24/7 from 38 weeks until your labor. Once you are in early labor, I will join you either at your home or at the hospital and remain by your side until approximately two hours after baby is born. Once you are home and settled I will come for a postpartum visit.
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Prenatal & Postnatal YogaPhysical and emotional education on exactly what is happening throughout your life changing journey. Guidance towards a feeling of alignment within your body and sensitivity to any fluctuations in your physical, mental and emotional self. As a seasoned practitioner, I believe in meeting my students where they are and working from that place. Not only do we need to move our bodies when we are busy growing a human, but we need to remain mindful of our breath. The Asanas, or physical practices, you create prenatally will evolve throughout your pregnancy and will serve as helpful tools during your labor and birth experience. I also weave my Spinning Babies training into my teaching. Classes are offered one on one, with a partner or with other expectant friends or family. Post birth yoga sessions are designed to gently assist you as you return to your yoga practice, mindfully taking into account your birth experience. This a time of deep listening and surrendering to your body wisdom.
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Postpartum DoulaThe care provided after welcoming a sweet one into your family shall include, but is not limited to, infant care; breastfeeding support; assistance with sibling transition; postpartum support; errands; light housekeeping; laundry; and meal preparation. My focus is on the new parents, baby and overall family adjustment. Tasks related to care of the family will be given priority over household chores. Overnight care is also available offering new parents an opportunity for some much needed sleep. Daytime support is scheduled for a minimum of 4 hours per shift and overnights are a minimum of 8 hours.
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