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We are Bites by Bre. We make and celebrate food. We do soul-hugging flavors. We do wizardry. We foster plate-licking with every meal. Each week, through our Meal Delivery service, ... morewe fill the fridges of foodies all over Rhode Island with fork-ready goodness. We also craft community events, moonlit dinner parties and legendary pop-ups. We are female-owned, but prefer our other calling cards like “other-worldly,” “intensely satisfying,” “easily, the best food happening in Providence.” 

Step One: Every Monday, we craft 8 healthy, palate-dazzling dishes, then deliver this bundle-of-awesome to your Rhode Island home. Step Two: You unbox, stock the fridge, then pull out delectable prepared food whenever you’re hungry. Dinner, lunch and snacks: we’ve got you covered.

Please be aware that this is a meal delivery service and is only available in Rhode Island. To see Bites By Bre's Offerings, check out their website. Once you purchase, Bre will reach out within 24-48 hours to send you a form for your dietary requests and to arrange delivery.

Cancellation: Good food takes time, and we love sourcing quality ingredients all over the state. So, if you need to cancel for any reason, please contact us by the Thursday (at noon) prior to your scheduled delivery. We unfortunately cannot accomodate cancellations beyond this timeframe.
Family Dinner is a local farmer's market delivery service based in Woburn, Massachusetts. Each week we source the highest quality local meat, fish, produce and grains and deliver right ... moreto your door! We are flexible, and can accommodate any dietary restrictions, allergies or aversions. If you're traveling or already have enough food, you can skip a week or or cancel your subscription at any time. Family Dinner was created in 2017 and is a 100% woman owned business. We created this business to support the work of small local farms.

Once a giftcard is purchased, you will receive a giftcard code via email within 24-48 hours that you will be able to redeem on the Family Dinner Website. Please be aware that this is only available in the delivery radius around Woburn, Massachusetts.
Prepared by an Ayurvedic Chef specializing in pregnancy and postpartum, all postnatal meal delivery offerings include wholesome, organic whole foods specific for a vulnerable new mother’s ... morebody! Delicious and nutritious, they contain lactogenic ingredients to help build milk supply, tonify the blood, stimulate the lymphatic system, quell vata dosha, and ease digestion for increasing metabolism and gently helping elimination. Perfect for regaining strength, rebuilding the blood and lymphatic systems, easing elimination and inflammation, while shaping optimal milk production with galactagogues (lactation-promoting foods and herbs) and no nightshades (they reduce milk supply). Customized for your dosha and any intolerances or allergies you may have.

After childbirth, a woman needs almost 600 more calories daily than she ate while pregnant to be able to absorb and assimilation nutrients, vitamins, and essential minerals into her own body while healing, and for her teeth, hair, organs, etc. as well as to build an adequate milk supply for her baby. Postpartum hair loss is not normal! Yes, it’s common, but it’s due to a new mother not getting enough nutrients for her body.

Use your Flourish Fund gift cards for Ayurvedic labor & postpartum meals delivered to your home, birth center, or hospital. After purchasing a gift card, you will receive a gift card code via email and will be directed to the Nourish site to select your food items, choose from compostable/biodegradable packaging, as well as your diet style (vegan, vegetarian, etc) with nourishing bundles available like these: Milk-Makin' Muffins Bundle, Healing Tonics Bundle, Beautiful Bones Broth Bundle, Starter Bundle, and a New Mommy Bundle.

Example of what the Starter Bundle includes: cardamomma latte, spiced milk tonic, fennel cinnamon latte, mending mama tea,beautiful bones broth, CCF tonic, fennel cinnamon porridge, toasted ginger oatmeal, hobakjuk porridge, recovery rice pudding, golden nettle stew, new mama dahl, miyoek guk, stewed fruit compote, postpartum oil, cardamom dreams, energy bites.

*Refunds not available once a purchase is made
The Mosaic table is "Home of the Intentional Table." We are all about food traceability. For this reason, we intentionally source our ingredients from local farmers and small businesses. ... moreBy doing this, we able to be transparent with sourcing for you, our customer, and we are intentionally supporting our local community, strengthening it and growing our local economy. How awesome is that? 

The Mosaic Table is currently using WhatsGood Delivery and are reaching all of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Customers would need to have an account with WhatsGood to have the meals delivered. We update the menu and the availability weekly.

Once a giftcard is purchased, you will receive a giftcard code via email within 24-48 hours that you will be able to redeem on the Mosaic Table website. Please be aware that this is only available in the delivery radius of Rhode Island & Massachusetts.